Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the top half of the van grey?

Although many people remember the van to be completely black with a red stripe, it was actually semi-gloss black below the stripe and gunmetal grey above the stripe. To see this on screen shots of the actual A-Team van, Click Here
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Where are you based? How far will you travel?

We are based in Hertfordshire, although we may travel up to about 200 miles as this is such a rare and desirable vehicle. We have to make a charge for delivery of the vehicle which is based on 50p per mile to cover the cost of fuel. This should be added onto the hire cost.

Can I drive the A-Team Van myself?

Sorry, this is not possible for a number of reasons:

The van can take some getting used to as they have different controls and handling characteristics to normal modern British vehicles.
Our insurance doesn't cover other drivers; this helps us to keep our costs down as much as possible.
The vehicles are very rare and valuable and huge deposits would need to be paid.
It makes it one less thing to worry about if we provide your driver!!

How many people can travel in the A-Team Van?

The A-Team Van can seat 6 passengers; one next to the driver, two in captains seats behind the driver and three on a bench seat in the rear.
How do I go about booking?

Please let us know that you want to book the A-Team Van as early as possible as we only have one of them, and once it's gone, it's gone. This is especially important in the Summer, around bank holidays and towards Christmas when we are very busy. Once you have asked to book the A-Team Van, we will send you out a booking form and you will need to pay a deposit (which is 50% or £200 - whichever is the lower amount). You can pay by cheque or bank transfer.

What will you be wearing on the day?

Our driver will be dressed similar to a character from the show - usually Murdock or Hannibal. If you would like the driver to dress in a suit, please just ask.

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