Weddings & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

Why not make your special day that little bit more memorable? If you are going to be spending a substantial amount of money on your wedding or civil partnership ceremony you want your family, friends and guests to remember it. This is one thing that you can be assured of when you book our A-Team Van. This is an ideal wedding car for Grooms.

We can put ribbons on the A-Team Van or leave it as B.A. Baracus intended; it's up to you. Either way, you can be assured that your guests will not forget your ceremony any time soon!

The car will be driven by a chauffeur dressed similar to a member of the A-Team


Grooms & Brides Car for a Wedding in Aug 2015

Parties, Events & Exhibitions

Whether you are holding a birthday party, a leaving do, staff party, a product launch an exhibition or almost any event our A-Team Van will be a certain crowd pleaser.

At a birthday party or private event, the A-Team Van can be a great attraction and a really good ice-breaker to get people laughing, chatting and interacting. At a business event such as a product launch or media event the A-Team Van can be a great way to get extra media coverage as it is such an unusual vehicle - and free advertising is hard to get nowadays!

If you are having an exhibition or an American themed event at a bar or shopping centre our A-Team Van can be a novel way to attract new customers or to entertain existing ones.

Why not take a photo of each guest or group of guests with the A-Team Van as they arrive?

At SXSW for National Geographic in Austin, Texas in March 2013

A-Team Van Hire - Hire our Replica A-Team Van for your Wedding Event Exhibition Show or Party !

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