The Car

Our 1980 New York Taxi was bought from the USA and shipped from New Jersey in 2015 having been restored to a high quality finish inside and out.

Made by the Checker Motors Corporation, our Checker Marathon NYC taxi is authentic down the the original meter and graphics, including the fares tariff from the 80's and other common stickers such as "Do Not Tailgate"



In any photo of New York streets, you'll usually see several bright yellow taxis - a colour commonly associated with American taxicabs. Our 1980 taxi is yellow in colour, with the correct stickers and a 1980's tariff board on the door. The Checker also a working TAXI sign on the roof.

We have an illumintated advertising board on the roof, again common on NYC taxis which can be used to advertise your event/brand if you wish in place of the metal "Taxi" sign.




Our Checker Cab has been fully overhauled inside and restored back to it's former glory. It has the correct seating including the rare "jump seats" which are additional foldaway seats that most taxis were fitted with.

The NYC taxi also has a classic mechanical meter.


Our NYC cab was built to endure some of the toughest city streets in the world. It has a powerful V6 engine under the hood which boasts great power to match the high levels of comfort.


New York City Taxi - Hire a Classic Checker for your Wedding Event, Exhibition, Show or Party !

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