The Car

Our New York Police Department car is a 2003 Chevrolet Impala which has recently come out of service. When the car was decommisioned it was stripped of its emergency lights, nudge bar and graphics although it retained the prisoner cage and the factory fitted "Police Package".

Over a period of about six months we acquired and imported the parts to restore this vehicle to how a 2003 Chevrolet Impala would have looked in service. All the items on this car are of the correct period and style. For example, it has the Federal Signal light bar and the Panasonic Toughbook laptop fitted as currently used by the NYPD. It doesn't have an onboard CCTV or high-rise light bar as these were normally only fitted to Highway Patrol and special vehicles.


Our police interceptor has the correct reflective graphics on the exterior of the car including "police" signage, NYPD badge, car number and precinct details.

It also features the correct Federal Signal "Vision" lightbar with red and clear lenses and the Signal Master "traffic advisor" which is a strip of rear facing amber halogen lights used to direct vehicles behind. UK laws forbid the use of the lightbar or siren in public although we may be able to use the lightbar on private property.

The cruiser also has red lights behind the grille and parcel shelf lights.

Our cop car features a V-shaped push bumper, more commonly known in the UK as a nudge bar on the front. We think this is the only NYPD car in the UK with a real push bumper.

The car is accurate even down to the "Cop Shot" bumper sticker on the rear!


Our American Cop Car still features the original prisoner cage as shown in the photo. This can make legroom a little tight in the back.

It is left hand drive and in the front console it is fitted with a two way radio, control panel for the Federal Signal light bar and Panasonic Toughbook laptop.

You will also notice the genuine "Stop the Clock" sticker on the dashboard, used to remind Police Officers to radio in to HQ on arrival at an incident to ensure that the response times are correctly reported.

There is also usually an empty Dunkin Donuts box somewhere in the car for that added authenticity!


Our NYPD police car was built at General Motors' factory with the "Police Package" installed which is an option provided to law enforcement agencies.

The "Police Package" is a comprehensive list of uprated, heavy-duty or performance parts and includes crash protection bars, upgraded gearbox (thought to be a Pontiac one), heavy duty alternator and wiring looms along with a high specification shock absorber, suspension and wheels. We even have the GM "Police Package" handbook!

This means that not only does our cop car come with a mouth watering 3.8L V6 engine under the hood, but it enjoys uprated suspension, wheels and handling.


NYPD Car Hire - A Genuine American cop car for your Wedding Event, Exhibition, Show or Party !

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